What to Expect at our Traditional Service

Our traditional worship hour on Sunday mornings reflects the early American model,  while purposefully maintaining the four elements of corporate worship set forth in the Holy Scriptures.  Acts 2:42 tells us that from the very beginning, the early church's experience focused on these four elements of "Ecclesia" , i.e. the coming together of God's people to worship Him.  First, The Apostle's Teaching (New Testament / Bible) ,  Secondly, The Fellowship (Koinonia;Gr. /  participation, sharing together) , Thirdly, The Breaking of Bread (The Lord's Supper, Communion together). And finally, Prayer (worship, intercession, supplication).

We enjoy a blend of the Great old Hymns and many of the popular contemporary songs of worship and praise stretching through the last 50 years.

While we maintain a " no dress code"  dress code,  and a "whosoever will may come" invitation to all people , you will likely see,  on any given Sunday morning , Christians  in formal, semi-formal and casual dress.

In all respects  our desire is to glorify our Lord and God  during this special one hour a week gathering, and to also receive the blessing of His presence and power for a more noble Christian walk throughout the week to come.

This service meets in our sanctuary.